Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Holiday Bazaar

Calling all experienced holiday crafters...I need your a big way!

I was invited by a fellow etsy-er to participate in a holiday bazaar (in 3 weeks!!!) and although I am very excited, I'm also in a complete panic! This very nice person probably has no idea that this is my first time...yep, I'm a "newbie". However, I want to show up prepared and at least fake like I know what I'm doing! Hopefully it won't be too obvious that I have never done this before. Oh, and yes, it will be lots of fun to meet new people and sell my hand-crafted goodies!

My first point of anxiety is not having enough inventory. Yes, I know, easy to fix...just MAKE more! But is worrying me. Between driving the kids all over the county every day for school, dance, karate, youth group and art class...oh, and trying to be the wife and mother I desire, which includes making three meals a day, making sure the house is at least sanitary, the clothes are clean, the animals are fed, the husband and children are loved, it's amazing that anything else fits in the schedule! During the hours in which the kiddos are in school and my hubby is at work, I run around like a crazy lady trying to get as much completed as possible so I can enter my favorite room in the house, the art/sewing/library/office room, for the rest of the day to create. I know ALL you mommy crafters and artists know what I'm talking about!

Second, I have no idea what to expect...should I decorate my table with "holiday" decorations and hand out sweets and baked goods to entice people over? How should I display my wares? How much cash should I have on hand? Seriously ladies, I need your tips and advice from your previous experience. I appreciate any and all words of wisdom you have. Oh, I must tell you now, I draw the line at wearing a Christmas sweater...nope, no way, can't and will not do it.

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  1. big sigh. I can totally relate. First off, there are bound to be other newbies there. Worrying does....what? Nothing except steal your joy and energy. When you're tempted to worry, then just "do the next thing". You'll know what I mean when you get there.

    lots of change on hand - ones, fives, to make change for all the twenties that will be thrown your way.

    mostly, enjoy yourself. be a human being, not a human doing.

    you're amazing, share yourself and your gifts with everyone you meet.

    I think it would be fun amongst the vendors, to have 'the ugliest christmas sweater ever' contest during the event - have the patrons vote! haha! p.s the thing about not having enough inventory is fleeting - it will give you a chance to "custom make" something for people.....with their particular color/texture likes and so forth. take pics!